What is Gamescom?

Want to know what the biggest gaming expo is out there? Check out Gamescom, the European convention for gamers that in 2015 had well over 300,000 visitors. Essentially this expo started as a trade fair but in recent years has been the European hub for gaming and computer games companies to showcase their leading titles for the year and for hardware companies a chance to show off their technical innovations – PC manufacturers, graphics cards, consoles, headsets and just about anything else you can think of will be featured at Gamescom.

If you’re planning on attending the event then you need to check out hotels and travel arrangements to Cologne in Germany, usually in the month of August. It is advised that you book your tickets early as well as hotel rooms if you are planning on staying longer for more than one day.

In 2015 many records were broken and lots of further improvements are planned for 2016. For example there will be more floor space and better visitor flow management. This is an area where many other gamin expos could learn and improve upon. There are simply too many ques at peak times for the best and newest games on demo. Gamescom deals with this issue by staggering events over several floors. (Some cynics say they also do this in order to get gamers to pay for two day tickets).

Although the event is held in Germany, it is in fact an English expo. Some of the leading gaming companies will be present including Nintendo, Microsoft and PlayStation, all featured here on home-arcade. There will be new games to try out, keynotes speakers to listen to and of course hundreds of smaller independent stalls to visit which is my favourite part of the expo.

One of the best parts of Gamescom is the entertainment area. Here, you can watch amazing live entertainment or watch pro gamers battle each other. The area is not restricted to the expo either, visit downtown Cologne during the week and you will also see a number of live events to see and street entertainers.

The organisers operate a colour coded wrist band policy which is a great idea and kids in 6 can go in free but they must be accompanied by an adult.

For 2016, Turkey has been chosen as the partner country. This means that the country will be heavily promoted at the event which is great news for Turkish gamers who are some of the most dedicated games players in the EU.