Penny Arcade Expo

For more than 10 years the Penny Arcade Expo has been one of the most popular gaming exhibitions in the US. For those of you who haven’t heard of PAX then this is an annual event or series of shows held across America that was started by J. Holkins and M. Krahulik in 2004.

The idea was to celebrate gaming itself and not just the tiring commercially promotion of up-coming gaming titles for the coming year by the big publishing companies. Think if PAX as an indie experience for gamers. Yes there some keynote speakers that can be corporate but most are die hard gamers that revel in this more relaxed atmosphere.

Most are also available to talk to so if you are a student then make sure you attend one of the events that are hosted in either Washington, Boston, Seattle, Australia or San Antonio. There are some brilliant booths featuring some of the most talented game coders and designers some of them even take part in the table top gaming competitions such as Tetris and Skee Ball.

The 2016 event will be held in Texas for the South and Boston for the eastern event. First up in Jan is PAX South. Held at the San Antonio Convention Center this three day event features an awesome array of talent, costumes, games playing and news. Would could be a better way of spending a weekend?

You can take a look at the schedule here. It kicks off on Friday at 10AM (What?) with some hot 3DS Tetris action (wil try and upload some teris action on HA). and be sure to check out the conference on indie game development where you can get a real insight on how these guys compete with the big boys.

Saturday is a top day, highlights include XCOM2 which is all about modding, character customisation and some beat live gaming. Set you phone timer for 2.30PM as there is a great a panel of guys who will talk you through a game launch. We have Rick Cook, Chris Wiseman and Adam Sessler amongst others so this should be a great event, not to be missed.

Sunday’s schedule demonstrates the quality of this expo. With the Street Fighter challenge followed by a penny arcade Q & A,  talk on how to create streaming business plan and an interesting pow wow aimed at explaining how differing cultures influences modern gaming.

One to thing to mention is that the show is quite strict on costumes – in terms of what weapon you can bring in to the expo. The 100% encourage everyone to dress up but you cannot take a firing toy gun in for example.

All in all, PAX South 2016 looks to be one of the best and gives the East a challenge that should be taken lightly. Are you planning on going to either Expo this year? I plan on going to the Boston event in April so if you want to meet up then get in touch via my form and we can go for a drink and talk gaming.