Appreciation of Minecraft

If, like me you have kids (aged 7 upwards) then the chances are that one of modern day’s biggest phenomenon in gaming has been seen in your house. I am of course talking about Minecraft and it’s actually one game I don’t mind my kids playing for a decent amount of time. If you are new to Minecraft, I thought I would introduce the game in this article in order for visitors to better understand the concept and mechanics that make this one of biggest games ever.

What is Minecraft?
First developed in 2009, Minecraft is a basically a building game where the world is open ended – meaning you can open a new map and build whatever you like. When first seeing Minecraft you would be forgiven to think that this must some sort of joke or a game devised by eleven year olds studying for their exams but no, looks can be deceiving and Minecraft is the biggest and best worse game (graphically speaking) of the lot.


It is essentially a building blocks game but with this is what makes it so fascinating, especially for the older generations of gamers like myself. If you played the early civilisations series by Sid Mier you will know where I’m coming from. The graphics just get in the way – you would think that younger generations would scorn and laugh but no – they can’t get enough of Minecraft and the possibilities are endless.

Survival Mode
This type of mode is the hardest and it’s basically you against the monsters that spawn around you. You can harvest natural resources, hunt animals and mine for building materials but in survival mode you always have an eye on the critters who are actually pretty tough.

You must eat as well, keeping your health bar full is very important. If you let it fall below a certain level then the inevitable happens and you can die. Crafting is really cool in Minecraft, you can forge weapons, create protective armour (to fend off creepers and ender men) and also materials in order to make other materials – yes in Minecraft nothing is straight forward as an item can have many components that each require another set of materials to create.

Creative Mode
I call this cheat mode. My 8 year (who also helps with this website) old gets very grumpy when I tell him he is cheating when activating creative mode. In this game type you have access to everything via the in game inventory. For new players who want to build big, beautiful structures then this is great. Also, there are maps to be downloaded and copied so creative mode lets you do whatever you wish and you can even fly around your world and not be attacked by the nasty critters.

Many games live and die by the success of multiplayer. Imagine Call of Duty without it? In Minecraft you can setup some really cool multiplayers games where players can build, fight and hunt all together. You can setup either local play or by connected via internet server. The person in charge of a multiplayer session is called an operator. He or she can instigate several in game commands such as setting the times and teleporting other players.

All in all Minecraft is a fantastic game and really helps to develop imaginations of adults and children alike. It is relatively cheap to buy and the best bit is you don’t need a super deluxe PC in order for it to run.