Gaming Gadgets for 2016

The must have for gaming geeks probably changes several times a year but it’s still fun to pick out cool gear that are upgrades or just seem like good purchases. You might want to buy new gear to improve your current rigs performance (lower ping and higher FPS) or just fancy spending your hard earned cash on some neat items.

I trawled through the web and found some cool articles and reviews that you might be interested to read on on the must-have gear for 2016. It was a blast and I thought I would present my own version of top items that you might want to look at.

Gaming Mouse – Logitech G502
If you haven’t tried out a mouse where you and adjust the weight then you have been missing out big time. This mouse can be fine-tuned so it fits just right for you. Forget response times just for second. Until you get really comfortable with your tech gear then there is no way you are going to chip at bettering your high scores for your favourite games.


With this mouse you can also fine tune the calibration of the sensor and comes with a very impressive DPI spread of 200 to over 10,000.

Razer BlackWidow Keyboard
I saw this beauty at EGS in Birmingham and trust me a mechanical keyboard is really important and makes a huge difference (your family might not appreciate it though as some of them can be quite noisy).

The BlackWidow is not just an upgrade of the Ultimate, the keyboard itself has improved switches for the keys but the best bit is the awesome colours that radiate from the chromatic keys.


As with other Razer keyboards everything can be programmed to exactly how you like it, making complex macros easy to create. This is new out so if you wait for a few weeks the price will probably drop a little.

Windows Xbox One Remote with Cable
Want to play FIFA on your PC with the same amount of control as on a console then you need the official Xbox PC remote. I have one these devices so I can tell for real that they are dead easy to install just plug into your USB and Windows will automatically install the driver for you.


It even has the vibrations, all the normal trigger and bumper buttons and can be used on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

SteelSeries Wireless Headset for Gamers
Call me an audio snob if you want but I wouldn’t touch a headset unless it had decent Dolby and this headset has 7.1 so it’s already got my thumbs up. The mic is retractable which is handy for when you want to store it away after playing. Wireless of course means batteries must be used but with this SteelSeries you get a re-charging kit and spare batteries so you never run out of juice.


Also, if you are concerned about there being a slight lag/delay because they are wireless then I can assure you there is ZERO pause or feedback. You can also use the headset for video gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation making these headphones a great all round buy.